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Internal Audit Solution (IAS) Basic


The Internal Audit Solution (IAS) is an interactive, cloud-based solution designed to guide small-to-mid-sized businesses through the Nacha ACH Audit requirement. The IAS platform translates the Nacha Rules into industry-specific vernacular and gives you the flexibility to do the audit on your time! The solution includes a Get Ready Audit webinar, videos, resources, testing spreadsheets, a custom report of your responses, findings, recommendations, risk management considerations, and a Statement of Audit Completion.

Ideal for small-to-mid-sized businesses with a straightforward ACH operating environment, originating only PPD, CCD or CTX Standard Entry Class Codes.

Payroll Service Bureaus

Focused on the specific portions of the Nacha Rules that apply to payroll processors, and accounts for the challenges that affect the payroll industry.

General ACH Payments

Covers a range of the Nacha PPD, CCD, and CTX Rules relating to both Push (credit) and Pull (debit) payments.

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