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Third party Service Providers

Digital Financial Services

Financial Technology (or FinTech) is a broad category of business, and can mean a lot of different things from Bitcoin to banking. At OAS we focus on Third-Party Service Providers who partner with Financial Institutions to provide financial services and leverage their technology for better market penetration.

The Nacha Rules require a FinTech acting as a Third-Party Service Provider that performs ACH processing services on behalf of a Financial Institution to conduct, or have conducted, an annual ACH Audit by December 31st. Services a FinTech performs on behalf of its Banking Partner or Program Manager which instruct the flow of payments in the ACH network as well as any other functions of ACH processing the FinTech performs on behalf of their Financial Institution are subject to the Nacha Rules.

Not all FinTechs are the same, and neither is their ACH audit. We offer a FinTech-specific Internal Audit Solution to meet Nacha compliance requirements, as well as full audits.

If you would like to get a quote for a full-service audit, complete this Request for Proposal.