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Payroll Service Bureaus and Accounting Firms

Industry Showcase

It’s been said that your past does not define who you are, but it prepares you for tomorrow. As President of Optim ACH Solutions, I remember the days when I ran a small accounting firm processing payroll for my clients. Fast forward to a career in audit, banking, and senior positions within one of the largest Payment Associations; serving on Nacha Work Groups and Nacha’s Risk Management Advisory Group has prepared me to develop and conduct Audit and Risk Management services.

The payroll scandal in 2019 rocked the network and placed a spotlight on Payroll Service Bureaus. In response to the industry need, we went back to our roots and developed four different Payroll specific Audit solutions and services that meet the compliance, organizational needs, scope, complexity, and budget of small-large Payroll Service Bureaus and Accounting firms.