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Cloud-based Risk Assessment


At OAS we understand that no two Third-Party Senders are the same, and neither are their risks. Risk assessments are not checklists, nor a repeat of your ACH Audit but rather an exercise that aids in tracking the inherent risks of your business, identifying the controls implemented to mitigate those risks, and arriving at the residual risk which remains once your controls are accounted for.

We offer Industry-specific Risk Assessments or an ACH Risk Assessment template – both designed to guide your internal teams through the Risk Assessment process. Our industry-specific product is designed based on the specific risks that impact your organization and your peers, and the ACH Risk Template product provides you with the A-Z  to complete the task internally the right way!

Payroll Service Bureaus

Developed and designed by payroll owners, payroll service bureaus, and OAS’s Accredited ACH Professionals that understand a thing or two about the daily risks that impact payroll processors.

This user-friendly Risk Assessment is complete with an interactive Risk Library and enhanced Risk Template. The Risk Library walks the user through each major risk category with case studies, current threats, downloadable resources, and a list of common risks. The Risk Library is paired with the Risk Assessment Template, which provides a simple-to-use document enriched with auto-populated risk ratings to take the guesswork out of the evaluation process. Performed internally and sold as a companion product to any IAS or Hybrid solution.

ACH Risk Template

Everything you need to work through your ACH Risk Assessment successfully. This template will work for any business and will guide you through the process of identifying inherent risks, cataloging risks, and documenting controls implemented and their effectiveness to arrive at residual risk. Our templates are more than more than a checklist or simple questionnaire, and provide an easy-to-use framework enriched with auto-populated risk ratings to take the guesswork out of the evaluation process. Comes with an educational video, three templates to fit any organization’s needs (S-M-L), and instructions.

Companion Audit Solutions

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