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Sure, an ACH audit is a compliance requirement, but it also should be a tool to strengthen your business. At Optim ACH Solutions, we provide value-driven ACH Audit and Risk Management Services for businesses, including Third-Party Senders, Third-Party Service Providers, and FinTechs. We utilize the Agile methodology and technology tools to develop products and deliver services focused on driving better outcomes and audit experience. That's precisely where we've landed: Agile Audit & Risk Solutions, Simplified! We are not just auditors; we are your partners.

Industry Showcase

Payroll Service Bureaus

OAS is proud to showcase our flagship solutions that have been designed and developed specifically for Payroll Service Bureaus, Accountants, and Payroll Professionals. Our solutions translate Nacha terms into a language that you will understand, and that’s because we understand you!

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Agile Audit & Risk Solutions, Simplified.

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We invest in understanding who our customers are before we offer a solution. We develop audit solutions
leveraging technology to enhance the client’s audit and risk management experience and outcome.

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R08? , R16? , C03? If you’re stumped by R codes and C codes and all the codes, then snag our FREE Return Reason Code Guide.