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Do you forward ACH Entries to your financial institution or another Third-Party Processor (Sender) on behalf of your clients?

Do you process any of the following types of Entries?
Internet, Mobile, or Telephone (WEB, TEL)
Converted checks (ARC, BOC, POP, RCK)
Point of Sale (POS)
International Entries (IAT)

You are an Originator. The Entries forwarded to your financial institution or Third-Party Processor represent Entries processed on the behalf of your company. An ACH Audit is not required.
However, if you are interested in ensuring that you are in compliance with the Nacha Operating Rules, let us help! We offer an ACH Originator Review.

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Recommendation: Full-Service ACH Audit
The IAS solutions do not include audit requirements for complex Standard Entry Class Codes such as WEB, TEL, and any of the Check Conversion Standard Entry Class (SEC). Reach out to us to obtain a proposal for a Full-Service ACH Audit.

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Are you solely originating PPD, CCD, or CTX Debit Entries to Consumer and/or Business Accounts with the appropriate offset?

In your industry, is your organization considered a small - mid-size organization?

Are you solely originating Credit Entries to Consumer and/or Business Accounts with settlement via ACH or wire?

Processing mixed debit and credit Origination entries to a Receiver's account can be complex. No worries, we understand that no two third-parties are the same and neither is their ACH Audit. So contact us, and we will customize an ACH Audit that aligns with your business products and services.

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Have any of the following occured within the last two years:
Merger or acquisition
Internal or external fraud
Corporate Account Takeover
High Returns
Key or High Employee Turnover
Nacha Rules Violation
Data Breach
ACH Losses

Recommendation: Full-Service ACH Audit
With growth comes complexity. We recommend that you contact us for a Full-Service ACH Audit.

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Does your company have an agreement to forward ACH Entries with more than one (1) financial institution or Third-Party Payment Processor?

Recommendation: Hybrid Standard or Hybrid Plus.
We see you have multiple processors and/or financial institutions. Leverage our AAPs to peer review your work and our data analytic tools to help with the heavy lifting of testing.

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Recommendation: Internal Audit Solution (IAS) Pull Payment Solution
We got this, and so do you! Welcome to the new Audit experience. No paper, just cloud:-). The IAS cloud-based SaaS would be a great fit for your ACH Audit. Depending on your business needs and bandwidth, consider either the IAS, Hybrid Standard, or Hybrid Plus Pull Payment Solution.

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I see you have mulitple processors and/or financial institutions. Leverage our data analytics and AAPs to help you with the heavy lifting of testing.
Recommend: Hybrid or Hybrid Plus

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No worries! When processing with multiple processors and/or financial institutions testing can get complex. We have other tools in our toolbox. Contact us for our Full-Service ACH Solution.

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