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Internal Audit Solution (IAS) Hybrid Standard and Hybrid Plus

The Internal Audit Solution (IAS) is an interactive, cloud-based solution designed to guide small-to-mid-sized businesses through the Nacha ACH Audit requirement. The solution includes a Get Ready Audit webinar, videos, resources, testing spreadsheets, a custom report of your responses, findings, recommendations, risk management considerations, and a Statement of Audit Completion.
The most significant difference between the solutions is the level of testing performed internally. All solutions leverage the same technology
• The IAS is completed internally and will attest to results.
• In the Hybrid Standard, internal teams complete the internal control questions and current & executed agreement testing. An OAS Accredited ACH Professionals (AAP) will complete all origination and return testing. A dual statement of audit completion is provided.
• The Hybrid Plus is the closest to a full-service audit. Internal teams complete the internal control questions and no testing; an OAS Accredited ACH Profession (AAP) will perform a peer review of your audit responses and complete all testing. A dual statement of audit completion is provided.
OAS offers industry-specific and payment-specific solutions. Industry-specific solutions are developed and written using industry terminology, processes, payment scenarios, and risks. Our payment-specific solutions are designed to speak in layman’s terms (no bank speak) based on the push or pull ACH payments.
The Industry-specific will address only the SEC codes that would be applicable to that business model. For instance, the Payroll Service Bureau solution would include Prearranged Payment and Deposit (PPD) Entries, Corporate Credit or Debit (CCD) Entry, and Corporate Trade Exchange (CTX) Entries.

The payment-specific push payments solution includes PPD, CCD, and CTX credits (with offsetting debit for settlement).

The Pull payments solution does not support the more complex audit processes, including standing authorizations, Internet-Initiated/Mobile (WEB), Telephone-Initiated (TEL) Accounts Receivable (ARC), Back Office Conversion (BOC), Point-of-Purchase (POP), Point-of-Sale (POS), Re-presented Check (RCK), Point-of-Sale (POS) or International ACH (IAT) Entries. Contact OAS for other audit options.

Features and Functionality

Yes, the Internal Audit Solution, Hybrid Standard, and Hybrid Plus allow you to start and stop the audit based on your time and not your auditor’s. Simply click “Save & Continue later” at the bottom of the page. When you reenter the solution, it will begin where you left off.
Yes. To save your information before you exit the solution, click “Save & Continue later” at the bottom of the page. When you reenter the solution, it will begin where you left off.
No. All required testing performed in the Internal Audit Solution and Hybrid Standard solution is performed utilizing downloadable documents that you will complete and store internally. You will not be required to input any PII data into the solution.
Yes. The IAS solution is turn-key, and by that, we mean that we have provided a Get-Ready Webinar, audit checklists, videos, question tips, test instructions and worksheets, downloadable resources, and a team of Accredited ACH Professionals to assist you daily from 9-5 EST. However, if you have purchased a Hybrid Standard or Plus, you’ll be assigned to a dedicated ACH Professional that can answer any audit questions.
No. A single-user link will be provided. For security purposes, this link cannot be forwarded. We recommend that you designate an audit lead responsible for assigning responsibilities, obtaining responses, and updating the audit program.
Complete the online purchase. A thank you will be sent from info@), and the link to the software will be sent within 24 hours.
1. Check your spam folder.
2. Check with IT to see if the email has been quarantined.
3. Contact OAS, Service, and Support at 833.OASNOW1.
4. We recommend that you whitelist to ensure that you receive your audit work papers and Statement of Audit Completion.


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