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At Optim ACH Solutions, we specialize in providing ACH Audit and Risk Management Services specifically to businesses that move money electronically utilizing the ACH Network. Whether you're a Third-Party Sender, Third-Party Service Provider, or FinTech, we've got you covered. We understand that no two businesses are the same, nor are their operations or ACH compliance requirements. We invest in understanding who our customers are before we develop a solution or offer a service. At Optim, we've removed the common barriers to compliance. Our suite of products and services are designed in layman's terms, not bank speak. We leverage technology to drive a better audit experience, and that's precisely where we've landed: Agile Audit & Risk Solutions, Simplified.

Meet the Team.

Debbie Arai, AAP


It's been said that your past does not define who you are, but it prepares you for tomorrow. As I look back, I've always been in audit, risk management, and payments in one way or another. As an internal auditor for a fortune 500, I had to learn all aspects of the organization quickly. This experience proved to be an asset later in my career, as every opportunity became a building block for my next adventure.

As a business owner and former banker, I've been on both sides of regulatory compliance, so I get it when it comes to audits and risk management! It's precisely because of that experience that I established Optim ACH Solutions. I wanted to remove the barrier to compliance by ensuring that our solutions and services fit the smallest to the largest organization; leveraging technology, we are doing audits better, and that's exactly where we've landed: Agile Audit & Risk Solutions, Simplified. You will leave our audits empowered to strengthen your business operations.

Gina Carter, AAP


If my career has taught me anything, asking the question "why" has afforded me many opportunities to serve in different roles. From the teller line to back-office operations to providing ACH audit and risk management to businesses and financial institutions, I am typically the "go-to" person to identify and resolve the most complex situations. Over the past 35 years in this business, I have used my knowledge of the rules and their impact on any business environment to help clients navigate the complex world of ACH.

Jesse Vasquez


Some people are your visionaries, while others work behind the scenes building the vision. As project coordinator, I am passionate about both. I love details because they keep all of our solutions and services on track and our portfolio of clients informed and engaged in their ACH Audit and Risk Management experience.