Internal ACH Solution (IAS)

Our flagship interactive online solution is designed to walk you through each step of the ACH audit. It’s packed with great resources, testing spreadsheets, and videos to break down the Rules and make the audit a manageable task for your team.

The Hybrid Standard ACH Audit includes all the features of the IAS but is designed for Third-Party Senders that want internal teams to complete the Agreement tests and outsource all the technical entry and file tests to OAS’s Accredited ACH Professional (AAP).

The Hybrid Plus ACH Audit was developed based on feedback from our Third-Party Sender clients, that wanted all that the IAS offers without testing. OAS’s Accredited ACH Professional (AAP) will review your internal control responses and complete all required testing.


We’ve performed hundreds of Full-Service Audits for a variety of Third-Party Senders, and Third-Party Service Provides for a variety of business models. The audit program includes all SEC codes and is tailored to align the Rules with your ACH processing activities.

Originators are not required to conduct an Annual ACH Audit, but by legal agreement they must comply with the Nacha Operating Rules and, if applicable, they must perform an Annual Audit of their WEB debit entries. An Originator Review is a proactive means of risk mitigation!

An ACH Risk Assessment is a requirement for all Third-Party Senders and certain Third-Party Service Providers. OAS offers an industry-specific version for Payroll Service Bureaus and a Third-Party Sender/Provider ACH Risk Assessment template and companion video that walks you through the entire process.