Third-Party Senders

Our specialty is working with Third-Party Senders that have an ACH Origination Agreement directly with a Financial Institution to process ACH Entries on behalf of and for their downstream customers.

Nested Third-Party Senders

Nested Third-Party Senders have an Agreement directly with another Third-Party Sender to act on behalf of an Originator. The NTPS does not have an agreement directly with a financial institution.

Third-Party Service Providers​

Third-Party Service Providers provide ACH processing services on behalf of the Originator, Third-Party Sender, or financial institution.

Corporate Originators

Corporate Originators have an Origination Agreement directly with a financial institution or Third-Party Sender to transmit ACH entries to consumers and businesses accounts.

Financial Service Partners

We partner directly with financial institutions and Third-Party Senders with nested Third-Party Sender relationships to ensure that their customers have access to best-in-class ACH audit and Risk Management Solutions.

OAS offers a full suite of audit and risk management solutions that meet the needs of micro-sized – large Payroll Service Bureaus, Accounting, and Bookkeeping firms that offer Direct Deposit and electronic Tax Payments as a service.